Automobile acoustical high-end systems

The speakers and components confidently occupy one of the top places on the podium of the most powerful tuning decisions. Car audio, in the conventional sense of the word, has long ceased to be something unique and specific. Every motorist is able to equip the machine with pleasant to him acoustic complex. The range of acceptable speaker include fully unified solutions that can satisfy most consumers inexperienced in detail. But a full-fledged car audio systems required devices, unusual types of solutions of the middle class. So the amplifiers, frequency filters sets of narrowband speakers and, of course, subwoofers appear in the cars.

Automobile acoustical high-end

The main operating component of the subwoofer is a speaker. The most common speakers are with a diameter of 8 to 15 inches. The size of the speaker depends on the dimensions unit and its power. The customer is offered a very wide range of woofers for subwoofer from different manufacturers and for a variety of prices.
The presence of high-quality amplifier, a good head unit, and the desire to get a really nice sound require an open passive high-end subwoofer.