DENSO SIP for Volvo S60

spark plugsVolvo Cars is another car manufacturer choosing the super- spark plugs DENSO SIP for the equipment of engines SI6 and I5, installed on some models of Volvo since 2011. The engines were developed taking into account the increasing requirements for the reduction of emissions and fully complies with the standards of Euro 5 and 6.

The engines can work on the extremely poor fuel-air mixture, where the excess air ratio exceeds the optimal parameters by five times. Even in such circumstances the super- spark plugs gives an excellent result as 2005 Elantra headlight bulb.

The use of super- spark plugs SIP as the original equipment is increasingly becoming a key factor in the development of innovative engines. In December 2010 the engine Volvo Т6 entered the number of 10 best engines issued by the American magazine for the manufacturers of the car parts Ward’s AutoWorld.

The engine T6 (internal labeling B6304T) is installed in the new sports saloon S60 and provides an optimal balance of productivity, fuel economy and minimum harm to the environment.