Honda CR V Used Car Review

I am afraid your current job welcome to another used car review and this video I’m going to talk about the first generation Honda CRV which ran between the years 1997. That was the first generation and Cars are. Credibly reliable. However the years that you want to really stay away from our the 97 and 98 and the reason. Because the engine had 20 less horsepower. And it made a lot of difference in 19. It debuted the extra. So this I see your V came in 3 different levels of options that came in the base LX model, EX He Of those 3 models you probably want to stick with For the SC For the simple reason that that’s one AB yes became standard okay so that’s an important safety feature. So this car also came in an all wheel drive version which was really quite capable so it’s not a true 4 wheel drive and it doesn’t have low gearing but all around as far as an all wheel drive system it’s quite capable.

Honda CR-VThese cars get A lot of miles on a mule CM advertised with. About 200000 miles and they’re still running there was one problem with the engine and it was the exhaust valves. And what happens is they got a little worn and you wouldn’t know it if the exhaust. Valves were worn by blue smoke being produced when the engine is running if that’s if there’s no blue smoke then the exhaust valves. Are are tight. So to show you a little feature in the back here. Installed new headlights for Honda cr-v. What I find interesting and it’s very specific to the Honda CRV for one thing the back opens up like this.

That’s unlike a lot of other small SUVs that the whole back catch would open up. So then this opens up as well to get better access. But as a real mess a nice feature in it. Really nice feature. Which is this. Now this Is a picnic table. Or an outside work desk whatever you want it’s really handy. And this area where that picnic table kymata. Seconds as sort of a reservoir where you can hide a computer or other things that are valuable now why your cars parked. So again this is a car that shows up on the halo list and for good reason. It’s really. Pass the test of time. Now in order to find a car like this. But a good copy you have to know what to look for you have to know how to locate them. Inspected and negotiate on it in for that feel free to go to my website your car now walk you through all of the steps. And how to locate inspect and negotiate. On this type of car. I’m great you’re crying Joe I look forward to talking to you in the next used car review I’ll see you down the road taker.