How to Replace an Alternator on a 1999 Toyota Camry

Hey what’s so he took his movie directed separatist them when she gets her to remove and replace your alternator is going to be done on a 1989 to carry with the 2.2 liter engine. Let other Asian cars you know regardless of the model so she like if it’s a Honda Toyota. And ask if it’s got a 4 cylinder engine. Raven Hyundai’s there the purse the procedure for removing Alton is pretty similar and they’re usually you know located somewhere where it’s fairly easy access. This is probably one of the easier ones.

Alternator Toyota CamryThat’s why I’m gonna make you media on this but they’ll pull procedure should help you greatly. If you need to remove yours. I was there from. Car as long as. Cards. Only one. Okay so the first that whenever you’re replacing your removing your ultimate. And if in the. The. So the better channel. Make sure you pulled out of lance that ticket celery can’t jump back and make contact with the better channel again. Okay next step is to this can make this cable because that alternator. Do it first thing in this cover off. Well mine is broken by the. They just fall on this and there is this set 1010 millimeter not it’s all the same space.

Paul that’s at the side name we just a press on the both sides of this connector and publicize. Go. Okay next up we disconnect this connector that’s attached to this cable for the alternator price and you know by pressing by pulling on this point pushing this up and then. Pulling it out. Then you want to set this aside. Next we’re gonna go ahead and listen this bolts that attach is alternative engine and this takes this requires a 14 millimeters socket. Okay makes we need to start loosening this stationing. Tension or assembly against. You would call it and you that way first. So important first the one you listen this lock my. Yeah it’s it’s here and it’s a 12 millimeter. Also I guess. They’re making sure this wasn’t anyone to start listening this the sports. And you wanna loose in a tiny I can’t half an inch or so.

Maybe the more because in a lot of slack just makes it easier to remove the belt. You know actually since we’re removing the altimeter I’m gonna go ahead and completely remove this episode alternator. Only this false but if you were just doing the. Just that the belt he don’t have to remove the seeking just loosen it. That’s. Okay now it that the tension or not the way this is should be pretty loose. If yours isn’t know where you don’t know and don’t be afraid to press on this push on this or even you can have it with a. Rubber mallet gently just on the top on the middle piece and. You go down make sure that’s Lucent. Like I should your. And then yeah just. Press on this remove your drive belt. So. Many go ahead and take this both all the way out. Is that. Makes you wanna stick to pry bar or a strong screwdriver depending how tough a. Your alternate selves to fight you. Make sure you rested against a solid piece of metal.

And I just press on. On the other. You can. She. There we go. Being clear. And yeah that’s how you move it and then the. Selling is just a reversal just make sure. When you put the sand you wanna put this and. Put that. Put this. Sports and you don’t you don’t have anyone leave it loose. The dry builds over it press it down. And then you put in the. This fault. It’s for the locking up the tensioner. And then when you put in the bolts then you want to start questioning it using this. Scoring turning this and. Then when you get enough attention. You lock this and. This is the party goes this way for locking bolts you.

Retained in this one and lock it and now you lock in your attention then you wanna make sure you go ahead and lock time that one. Then you should be all set. Alright. So yeah I hope this survey deal she gets up there if you have any comments or suggestions please on the low life like that would you please give a thumbs up. And also I guess except thanks watching.